In these times of great change and new opportunities, PentaSis Eletrônica and ProBank Automação increasingly seek to establish themselves in the banking and commercial automation market through diverse actions. The merger of the two companies is among the most important to achieve this objective.

Serving the most diverse banking and commercial institutions since the beginning of their activities, PentaSis and ProBank unite forces to become a single company. Its main activity is providing services and supplying diverse products such as self-service terminals, envelope and/or document depositories, check and/or envelope dispensers, electronic locks for safes and ATMs, bill counters, coin counters and classifiers, among others, as well as a broad network of technical assistance throughout the country.

A new PentaSis emerges from this union, PentaSis Automação Ltda., which besides the more than 20 years of experience in the banking automation market and leadership in the deposit mechanism segment for self-service terminals, will also offer its clients and partners all the factory structure and experience ProBank Automação has in the market.
With installations in Boituva/SP, PentaSis Automação Ltda offers its own and/or third party products and services, always seeking customer satisfaction, meeting their needs in terms of security, the good operation of products, access to new technologies, success of acquired solutions and the certainty of always being well-served before, during and after doing business.