The Boituva Football Clinic, affectionately known as Professor UCA’s football school, is a pioneer project in Boituva. Besides teaching football, it also works on the youths' physical and social development, focusing on developing character and personality and favoring social adaptation by means of habits acquired through sports.

Founded in 1997, the Boituva Football Clinic serves children and youths aged 4 to 15, and in this short period of existence and activities, it has already obtained impressive numbers and achievements in the region and abroad.

Among its countless achievements, those that stand out are the visits by major Brazilian teams to Boituva, as well as participation in several regional and even international tournaments, such as the Nations Cup, held in Florida, USA in May 2002, revealing the talent of our athletes to important national and international teams.

PentaSis supports the Boituva Football Clinic through countless actions, especially the sponsorship of many athletes in the “ADOPT AN ATHLETE PROJECT”, which consists of an act of charity from Boituva business owners who through an advertising contract “adopt” an athlete and pay for his/her course, thus preparing a future CITIZEN.



Founded in 1983, APAE BOITUVA (Parents and Friends of the Mentally Handicapped Association of Boituva), is a philanthropic entity with a school for Special Education and a Social Service Entity for the Handicapped.

The entity serves approximately 76 children in a semi boarding school format. The work is carried out with a pedagogical team comprised of six teachers to handle five classes of light, moderate and severe mentally handicapped children, plus a specialized technical team comprised of one occupational therapist, one speech pathologist, one dentist, three psychologists and three physical therapists, as well as other auxiliary functions.

APAE carries out work with the objective of preventing nature's misfortunes, since it is not only a school for the mentally handicapped, but also an entity geared towards providing social-educational as well as health services.
Through an agreement with the state government, APAE maintains the Regina Veronezze Bettiol School for Special Education and Elementary School, which serves approximately 60 children today.

PentaSis collaboration is made through donations and participations in events, seeking the necessary resources from the community for improvements in the entity.